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Advance praise for Father of Spin

“For the vast punditocracy who think they created spin and the chattering classes who disdain what they think is a modern phenomenon, Larry Tye provides the un-spun history of the father of it all. A must-read for the aforementioned and wannabe spinmasters.”

-Mary Matalin, The Mary Matalin Show

“Edward L. Bernays spent his life discovering what made us tick and what would influence our behavior. Larry Tye examined Edward L. Bernays and lets us in on the answers he found. This is a book that helps us understand ourselves better.”

Bill Kovach, curator of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University

“The Father of Spin is an important contribution to the early history of public relations in the United States. Larry Tye gives his readers an insightful account of Eddie Bernays’s place in the shaping of that history as well as the man’s immense capacity for self-aggrandizement.”

-Loet A. Velmans, former chairman of Hill and Knowlton

“This book probes the ethics of public relations at a time when there is no more important question.”

-William D. Novelli, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids