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DEMAGOGUE - Released on July 7, 2020

Articles by Larry Tye

Debunking five myths about McCarthyism, Washington Post.

The McCarthy Era’s lessons for today, Chicago Tribune.

McCarthy’s Republican enablers, Washington Post.

Unexpected connections between the Kennedy dynasty and Joe McCarthy, Boston Globe Magazine.

A playbook for a president, Washington Post.

Parallels between Senator McCarthy and President Trump, San Franscisco Chronicle.

On book talks and social connection amidst COVID-19, Boston Globe.

A letter to the editor on the resilience of America, New York Times.

On the fading future of President Trump, CNN.

McCarthy’s battle with Harvard President Nathan Pusey, Harvard Gazette.

On the modern-day reincarnation of McCarthyism, Los Angeles Times.

McCarthy’s clash with Maryland senator Millard Tydings, Baltimore Sun.

The legacy of McCarthy in Trump’s attacks on the military, USA Today.

On McCarthy’s penchant for name-calling, USA Today.

On modern-day demagoguery, NBC News.

McCarthy’s defense of Nazis in the Malmedy hearings, Smithsonian Magazine.

Joe Biden’s fight against disinformation, WIRED.

The encounters between Eisenhower and McCarthy, Saturday Evening Post.

On the Yale alumni who worked with or against McCarthy, Yale Alumni Magazine.

On the 2020 election and the repudiation of demagogues, Appleton Post Crescent.

A three-parter in the Appleton Post Crescent and sister USA Today Network papers in Wisconsin: McCarthy’s early stint as a circuit judge, his closest pal Urban Van Susteren and parallels with President Trump.

A precedent for the contemporary Supreme Court battle,

McCarthy as a standard for the modern-day political liar, Las Vegas Sun.

Comparing Mitt Romney and Margaret Chase Smith, Salt Lake Tribune.

A conversation with the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

On the historical resonances of Trump’s COVID-19 cover-up, WBUR.

An open letter to MA Governor Charlie Baker, WBUR.

McCarthy and the Republican Party of his times, Portland Press Herald.

More than a single bully, Air Mail.

The rewards of patience, Cape Cod Times.

The first 2020 presidential debate in historical context, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

On the Machiavellian tactics of McConnell’s impeachment vote, Louisville Courier-Journal.

An open letter to Rand Paul, learning from Margaret Chase Smith, Louisville Courier-Journal.

Was McCarthy an anti-Semite? The Forward.

Four Connecticut senators who stood up to McCarthy, Connecticut Magazine.

Modern-day McCarthyism, Tampa Bay Times.

On the legacy of Margaret Chase Smith’s stand against McCarthy, Lincoln Journal Star.

Senator Ron Johnson as a modern-day McCarthy, Capital Times

Trumpism as the modern-day form and replacement of McCarthyism, Capital Times

A reflection on McCarthy in the lead-up to Election Day, Capital Times.

McCarthy’s bruising 1946 Senate race against incumbent Robert La Follette Jr., Capital Times.

With a month left before the 2020 elections, connections between Trump and McCarthy, Concord Monitor.

A look inside a trove of new McCarthy archives, American Heritage.

The role of Wheeling, WV, in McCarthy’s rise, Wheeling Intelligencer.

McCarthy’s relationship with the Catholic community, America Magazine.

The senator’s early and framing career, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith’s stand against McCarthy, Portland Magazine

Margaret Chase Smith as model for Representative Liz Cheney, Casper Star-Tribune.

McCarthy’s fatal face-off with Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt, Casper Star Tribune.

Joe’s dizzying four-years-in-one high school career, WisPolitics.

McCarthy’s big-bucks benefactors in the Lone Star State, Texas Monthly.

A conversation with Larry about Demagogue, Green Bay Press Gazette.

An interview on the research process for Demagogue, Hollywood Soapbox.

McCarthy’s military service, page 24 of Leatherneck Magazine.

An open letter to Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa Gazette.

Harvard physicist Wendell Furry’s clash with McCarthy, Tribune-Star.

Applying the Page 99 Test, how McCarthy’s powerful friendships shaped his career.

Myths versus truth on the senator’s demise, HistoryNet.

Edward G. Robinson as a potential onscreen McCarthy, My Book, My Movie.

A shout-out in the Columbus Dispatch.

The birthplace of McCarthyism, Weelunk Magazine.

Interviews with Larry Tye

With Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

With Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour.

With Lisa Mullins on Here and Now.

With Tom Hall on Midday, WPYR.

With Margery Eagan and Jim Brade on WGBH.

With Donald Ritchie at the John Brademas Center of New York University.

With Riley Callahan on the podcast History Does You.

With Kate Archer Kent on Wisconsin Public Radio.

With Michael Krasny on KQED.

With Conor Moran and John Nichols at the Wisconsin Book Festival.

With Ian Masters on Background Briefing.

With Eric Douglas on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

A C-Span recording of Larry’s talk with the Wisconsin Book Festival.

With David Nasaw at the New York Historical Society.

With Stu Levitan on WORT.

With Jim Engster on WRKF.

With Colin McEnroe on Connecticut Public Radio.

With Dan Polletta on WCPN.

With David Marsh on Here & There.

With Geoffrey Riley on Jefferson Public Radio.

With Mary Hartnett on KWIT.